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Pocket Guides for Fishing

Pocket Guide To Fly Fishing

The Pocket Guide To Fly Fishing is a comprehensive introduction to the sport of fly fishing. Topics include Fly Reel Types & Selection, Fly Line Types and Usage, Leaders, Knots, Hooks, Food Sources and corresponding Fly Patterns, Rise Forms, Fishing Strategies, and Fly Casting among other topics. This Guide is one in the Fly Fishing Pocket Guide Series of 11 total fly fishing titles.

Pocket Guide To Fly Fishing Knots

The Pocket Guide To Fly Fishing Knots is a comprehensive presentation of the knots most critical to the fly fisherman. Detailed drawings illustrate how to properly tie knots ranging from the most simple to the most complex. Knots for tying flies to tippet, tippet to leaders, leaders to fly line, droppers to leaders, and fly line to backing are included. This guide is one in the Fly Fishing Pocket Guide Series of 11 total fly fishing titles.

Pocket Guide To Basic Fly Tying Techniques

The Pocket Guide To Basic Fly Tying Techniques is a comprehensive presentation on the tying fundamentals and the materials necessary to tie a broad spectrum of fly patterns. Spearheaded by the master fly tier, Gary LaFontaine, this guide is extraordinarily complete and its waterproof construction, spiral binding, and tabbed pages make it perfect for tying patterns at streamside to match the hatch.

Pocket Guide To Fly Casting

The Pocket Guide To Fly Casting is the perfect tool for both the beginning fly caster and the experienced fly caster who wants to master the more difficult casting methods necessary for demanding casting conditions. The illustrations are some of the finest and most detailed to be found within the world of fly casting instruction. With this guide in your pocket, you will always have the finest streamside fly casting reference immediately at your disposal.

Pocket Guide To Fly Fishing the Lakes

Ron Cordes, co-author of the famous lake fishing book, "Lake Fishing with a Fly", has brought his expertise to bear in this comprehensive Pocket Guide To Fly Fishing The Lakes. This extraordinary guide identifies the food sources for trout in lakes, where they can be found, how they make themselves “available” to trout as food, how this dictates the techniques to use, 10 pages of the key food sources, the patterns that imitate them, and where the trout tend to gather or cruise. Pages of fully illustrated techniques and presentations as well as key “retrieves” are presented. Between Ron Cordes and Gary LaFontaine, they have left no stone unturned on this topic.

Pocket Guide To Dry Fly Fishing

The Pocket Guide To Dry Fly Fishing is a complete analysis of this exciting method of fly fishing. This guide contains sections on trout vision, trout Feeding Characteristics, Factors that Trigger the Take, the Rise Process, a presentation of the 5 key Dry Fly Categories, a discussion of Mayfly Pattern Types, and Attractor Pattern Types, Leaders, the effect of weather and temperature, 11 proven strategies, Feeding Locations, Mayfly hatch charts, along with other insightful information.

Pocket Guide To Nymph Fishing

The Pocket Guide To Nymph Fishing presents the four types of mayflies (Clingers, Burrowers, Crawlers, and Swimmers, addressing for each, their primary characteristics, their habitat, key genus, imitations, and Critical Angling Considerations. The same is presented for stoneflies and caddisfly larva. How nymphs make themselves “available” as food sources, where the trout lie, nymphing signs, key strategies and techniques/presentations are presented. Included in techniques are Right-Angle Nymphing with an Indicator, the Skues Method, the Brooks Method, the Leisenring Lift (Induced Take), the Slinky Method and the Tuck Cast Presentation among others. Key patterns are also presented.

Pocket Guide To Fly Fishing For Largemouth Bass

The Pocket Guide To Fly Fishing for Largemouth Bass was one of Gary LaFontaine’s favorites. It discusses the fundamentals of bass hearing, vision, smell, taste, and touch. The effects of temperature and pressure on bass feeding along with bass feeding strategies and key food sources are presented. Imitations and presentations for these food sources are discussed. Equipment, knots, leaders, lake and river holding areas fill out this comprehensive guide. All you need to know to successfully pursue largemouth bass with a fly is in this guide.

Pocket Guide To Fly Fishing for Steelhead

The Pocket Guide To Fly Fishing For Steelhead was reviewed by a major Vancouver, British Columbia newspaper and found to be one of the finest guides written on steelhead fishing with a fly. It contains material on fly lines, leaders, knots, tackle selection, dry fly and wet fly patterns, steelhead movement and rise patterns, the impact of weather conditions, fishing strategies, and a unique section showing 3-D cut away views to illustrate the types of water in which steelhead will be found and where exactly they are likely to hold. There is no better streamside tool for the avid steelheader.

Pocket Guide To Saltwater Fly Fishing

The Pocket Guide To Saltwater Fly Fishing addresses all key species of saltwater fish, from striped bass, bluefish and bonefish to dolphin, billfish, and permit. The effects of weather, wind, tides, and currents are discussed. Fly lines, leaders and knots are presented. For each of the key species presented, the main regions where they may be found, the fishing habitat, their major food sources, their major seasons, and the strategies, presentations, and patterns are laid out for the saltwater fly fishing enthusiast.

Pocket Guide To Walleye Fishing In Lakes

The Pocket Guide To Walleye Fishing In Lakes addresses all key aspects of this popular pursuit. The fundamental behavior of Walleyes is analyzed including such topics as vision, color perception, hearing, and the impact of water temperature and weather conditions. Thermal Stratification is discussed, and each of the key Walleye waters are addressed including Reservoirs, Eutrophic Lakes, Mesotrophic Lakes, and Oligotrophic Lakes. The preferred structure of Walleyes is well illustrated and discussed. Equipment, Baits, Rigs, Hooks are discussed, as are Jigs, Jig Attachments, and Jigging Techniques. Plugs and plug techniques and Spoons and spoon techniques are also presented. A very insightful chart is included that correlates Period of the Year (prespawn, spawn, postsummer, etc.) with water temperature, location, depth structure, food source and feeding activity. A truly comprehensive, well illustrated guide.

Pocket Guide To Lure Fishing For Trout In A Stream

The Pocket Guide To Lure Fishing For Trout In A Stream is unique in that it analyzes where the trout will be holding and how best to effectively present your lure, including while fishing from a drift boat. Detailed 3-dimensional drawings demonstrate where fish may be found around boulders, uprooted trees, the bend in a stream, in backwaters, in pools, in runs, near deep banks and around gravel bars. Techniques address fishing Shearing Planes, Currentless Tongues among other areas. Rods, reels, and lines are discussed along with a detailed analysis of the lures you should use, when and why. Casting techniques and useful knots are also discussed along with the impact of seasonal considerations. The co-author of this guide, Dr. Harley Reno, is a fisheries biologist and long time fishing guide.

Pocket Guide To The Food Organisms Of Trout & Their Imitation

The Pocket Guide To The Food Organisms Of Trout & Their Imitation is a comprehensive introduction to the sport of fly fishing with a particular focus on the food sources of trout, their imitation, and the strategies used to effectively present these imitations. This guide is the cornerstone of the Fly Fishing Pocket Guide Series of 11 total titles. Key topics include “Insects As Food For Trout”, “How these food sources become Available”, “Trout Feeding Behavior”, “Fly Pattern Theory & Usage”, and “Basic Fly Fishing Strategies”. This guide is quickly becoming one of our top selling books!

Pocket Guides for Outdoor Activities

Pocket Guide to Basic Canoeing

The Pocket Guide to Basic Canoeing is a comprehensive introduction to the sport of canoeing with a particular focus on rivers and streams, canoeing techniques, and safety. River features address the key “Downstream V”, Pillows, Holes, Low-Head Dams, Eddies, and Sweepers, among others. Techniques include the Draw Stroke, Sweeps, Back Paddling, Braces, the Cross-Bow Draw, the Pry Stroke, and others. This complete and comprehensive guide also addresses Canoe-Over-Canoe Rescue and Assisted Rescue On Moving Water. Prepared by an American Canoeing Association-Certified Instructor.

Pocket Guide To Golf

The Pocket Guide To Golf is a great way to ensure that you don’t lose sight of your critical keys to your swing. It’s all there in this comprehensive guide. Grip Fundamentals, Ball Placement, Body Alignment , the Address Position, Tempo and Contact, the Backswing and the Downswing, the”Feel”, how to deal with various Lies, Pitch Shots and the Lob Pitch (and the corresponding “feel”!), Chipping, Sand Shots, Reading Greens, Putting, Hitting from the Rough, from Hardpan, Hooking and Drawing the Ball, and, of course, how to analyze Problems such as hitting the ball “fat”, or topping and shanking the ball. And, at the very end of this amazing guide is an area where you can write in your Personal Stroke Reminders. This truly is a tool that will help you maximize your game.

Pocket Guide To Cross Country Skiing

The Pocket Guide To Cross Country Skiing is an extraordinarily well-illustrated and comprehensive presentation on all of the key aspects of cross country skiing from a Trip Check List and Trip Planner to the use of ski wax. A complete presentation of Skiing Techniques is made, including Poling, Stopping, Side Slipping, Glissade, Diagonal Slide, Double Pole, Skating, Climbing, and even Telemarking. Substantial safety information is provided including Avalanches, Safety Reminders, and Emergency Shelters. Don’t worry about the snow with this outstanding Pocket Guide. It’s waterproof and you can use it with your gloves on!

Pocket Guide To Hiking / Backpacking

The Pocket Guide To Hiking / Backpacking is the perfect tool for the hiker and the backpacker. Topics include how best to pack your gear, footwear considerations, Dressing to Keep Warm, the proper Use and Care of your Sleeping Bag, Cooking considerations, Selecting and Preparing a Camp Site, Tents and Shelters including Snow Pits and Snow Caves, how to pitch a tent in high winds and in snow, Fireplace Arrangements, and even the various uses of a Walking Stick. Included are sections on Navigation Techniques and Map Reading, one on Forecasting Weather, and a comprehensive list of Safety Reminders. This unique guide closes with What To Do If You Become Lost and Ground to Air Emergency Signals. This is a must to slip into your pack.

Pocket Guide To Target/Field Archery

The Pocket Guide To Target/Field Archery is a complete presentation of the archery techniques and equipment critical to both the target and the field archer. Topics include basic Equipment Check Lists, Form & Technique, the Release, Arrow Speed, Arrow Behavior, Bow Tuning, a discussion of Common Problems, and an extensive presentation on Reading Missed Arrows. This Guide is a must to carry in your pocket for quick reference. There is nothing like this Pocket Guide in the archery market today!

Pocket Guide To Animals / Tracks

The Pocket Guide To Animals / Tracks is a guide that you can truly put in your pocket and not worry about getting it wet or dirty. This fully illustrated guide is one of the most popular guides. It provides illustrations of key animals and birds, with their tracks shown alongside. Because it is spiral bound and tabbed, you’re able to get in and out quickly as you come across puzzling indications of big game, small game, or birds. Along the margin is a ruler that enables you to quickly size a track. This guide is a must for hikers, backpackers, birdwatchers, and hunters.

Pocket Guide To Field Dressing Game

The Pocket Guide To Field Dressing Game has two wonderful, practical attributes. First, you can indeed set it down without it closing up so that you can be looking at it as needed while you field dress your game. Second, you don’t have to worry about it getting bloody or wet. The plastic pages wash off nicely. This is a great tool for the hunter who needs that bit of reminder on how to properly field dress game and avoid any contamination. Detailed and extremely well illustrated, this practical guide is divided into two sections, one for big game and one for game birds. Even someone new to dressing field game will feel comfortable using this guide.

Pocket Guide To Outdoor Survival

The Pocket Guide To Outdoor Survival is the key companion Guide to the Pocket Guide to Emergency First Aid. Needless to say, it’s best to be prepared. This guide is designed to help you survive a life-threatening outdoor emergency. Key topics include Navigation, Emergency Signaling with a mirror or the use of Ground to Air Signals, construction and use of Emergency Shelters, How to Start a Fire, Survival Eating, Finding Water including construction of a Vegetation Still using a plastic bag, Lightning, Avalanches, and Hypothermia. This Guide is a must for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Pocket Guide To Outdoor Photography

The Pocket Guide To Outdoor Photography was selected by a major North American photography magazine as one of its top ten photography accessories. This comprehensive guide is designed specifically for the outdoor photographer. It addresses Lens Choice, Action Photography, Focus, Exposure, Types of Lighting, Choice of Film, the use of Filters, Composing the Picture, Scenic Photo Techniques for seascapes, canyons, waterfalls, streams, meadows, mountains and even the sky with its clouds and rainbows. Techniques are included for photographing wildlife including birds on the ground or in the air, aquatic animals, small mammals, and waterfowl. Close-up Techniques and Flash Techniques are also presented. And, critical insights are given for the Hiker, the Biker, the Fisherman, the Boater, the Skier and the Snowmobiler. There is an enormous amount of key information packed into this guide.

Pocket Guide To Weather Forecasting

The Pocket Guide To Weather Forecasting is another of those Pocket Guides so basic and so fundamental as to be useful to just about everyone. Hikers, backpackers, bikers and fishermen…anyone out there engaging in the great outdoors is at the mercy of the weather. The ability to forecast what may be coming is of immense value. This detailed, fully illustrated guide addresses such topics as Quick Forecasting Guidelines, Reading Nature’s Signals, analyzing Cloud Formations, Forecasting by Monitoring Cloud Movement and Cloud Sequences, Forecasting by Cloud Types, analyzing Weather Fronts, Forecasting by Wind Direction, and integrating the Effects of Terrain into your forecast. This is an extremely valuable guide, one that you should always have with you out-of-doors, along with the Emergency First Aid and the Outdoor Survival Guides.

Pocket Guide To Travel

The Pocket Guide To Travel was prepared with the assistance of Ihab Zaki, the owner of a travel agency and an international tour guide. It contains all of the key reminders and invaluable insights for preparing for a trip and dealing with issues that may arise during a trip. A Trip Preparation Time Line is presented along with what you need to accomplish at each point in time. Booking a Trip is addressed, including dealing with Airlines, Hotels, Car Rental, Tours/Transfers, Insurance and necessary Documents. There is a Packing Check List, a Toiletries/Personal Items Check List, a Document Check List, a Day of Departure Check List and an Emergency Card Check List. Other topics addressed include Safety Tips, Traveling With Children, Cruises, Tour Groups, Day of Departure, Arriving at your Destination, Returning Home, Health and Welfare, Women Traveling Alone, and Insurance/Currency among other topics. The use of this guide is a great way to prevent travel problems or to be able to deal with them successfully should they arise.

DAN Pocket Guide To First Aid for Scuba Diving

The DAN Pocket Guide To First Aid for Scuba Diving has been prepared by Dan Orr, Chief Operating Officer for Divers Alert Network (DAN), Bill Clendenon, Vice President for Training at DAN, and edited by Guy Dear, the associate medical director of DAN. These diving experts have prepared an indispensable first aid guide for scuba divers. It contains an “Emergency Assistance Plan”, a “Dive Injury Information Form”, and a complete presentation of First Aid Procedures and Techniques with an “Injured Diver Assessment” section. In addition it guides you through a “Physical Assessment” as well as a “Field Neurological Exam”. Sections are devoted to such topics as “Decompression Illness”, “Carbon Monoxide Toxicity”, “Lung Injuries”, “Seafood Poisoning”, “Heart Attack/Cardiac Arrest”, “Seizures”, “Spinal Injuries”, “Oxygen Toxicity”, “Allergic Reactions”, and others. Remember, this guide is waterproof and can be opened with a gloved hand. It’s the sort of accessory a diver should not be without, and can go in a dive bag.

Pocket Guides for Emergency / Safety

Pocket Guide To Emergency First Aid

The Pocket Guide To Emergency First Aid is an absolute must for everyone. Whether you’re hiking, boating, skiing, traveling, or fishing, you need to be prepared for that emergency. This fully illustrated guide will fit in your pocket, and when you need to open it in that critical moment, the spiral bound guide will stay open, not shut like so many other emergency medical books. The key issues are there: Basic Victim Assessment, How to deal with Bleeding, Eye Injuries, Bites, Hypothermia, Frostbite, Heat Exhaustion, Strokes, Cramps, Heart Attack, CPR, Head Injuries, Spinal Cord Injuries, Fainting, Seizures, Sprains, Fractures, Dislocations, Splinting, Poisoning, Shock and more. The contents of an Emergency First Aid Kit are also set forth. Be prepared! You just never know when this guide may be critical to your well being.

Pocket Guide To Safe Babysitting

The Pocket Guide To Safe Babysitting will create greater peace of mind for both the parents and the babysitter. Its basic purpose is to assist the babysitter in safely and effectively discharging his or her responsibilities while at the same time, reassuring the parents that the sitter has a “Tool” available that will enable the sitter to do so. Topics include Sitter Guidelines, Safety Concerns, Basic Child Care Issues, Basic Child Care Techniques, Danger Zones and how to deal with them, Common First Aid Problems, CPR for an infant, CPR for a child, Choking of a conscious or unconscious child or infant, among others. Also included is a section where the parent can write in where they can be reached. Other key information can also be inserted including the telephone numbers of the police, the fire department, a physician, a hospital, a plumber, and an electrician among others. This guide is a must for novice and experienced baysitters alike!

Pocket Guide To Auto Maintenance & Emergency Repair

The Pocket Guide To Auto Maintenance & Emergency Repair is filled with great insights and easy-to-understand automtive information. Warning Symptoms are identified for such components as the Radiator, Shock Absorbers, Starter, Steering, Stuts, Tires, Transmission, Valves and other components. The primary Warning Lights and how to respond is set forth. The Major Fundamental Problems and their resolution are identified including “Loss of Oil Pressure”, “Car Will Not Start”, “Engine Flooded”, “Overheating”, “Alternator Failure”, “Brake Failure”, and others. This is the guide that each of us needs in our glove compartment for that one moment when we might otherwise be extremely inconvenienced.

Pocket Guide To Emergency Bicycle Repair

The Pocket Guide To Emergency Bicycle Repair is a classic example of the great value of the Pocket Guide concept. This guide is a comprehensive analysis of the problems that the cyclist may encounter during a biking trip, and it’s extraordinarily well illustrated. The co-author of this guide, Eric Grove, has been a bike mechanic for over 25 years! It’s all there: Bicycle Parts, key Tools, a Pre-Ride Check List, issues concerning Tires, Chains, Brackets, Bearings, and Brake Pads, among others. One unique aspect of this guide is the comprehensive “Symptoms” section that enables you to analyze a problem and implementing a repair. Wheel Repairs, Chain Repairs, Derailleur Repairs, and Tire repairs are addressed. A fantastic Guide for the Biker, and so small it fits easily into a bike bag!

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