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How to Double Your Profit
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Pocket-Sized Pocket Guides Take Up Little Space
But Can Add Up to Big Profits
When Merchandised With Free Slot Hang Tabs
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Pocket Guides.
There Is Nothing Else Like Them…
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The Complete Pocket Guides Set

• 28 Fully illustrated pages each • Waterproof, windproof, dirtproof
• Virtually indestructible • Written by field experts
• Shows and tells you what to do • Critically acclaimed design
• Colorfully spiral bound to open flat • Smudge-proof
• Perfect holiday stocking stuffers • Conveniently open with one hand
• Organized for maximum comprehension • Easy-to-read, simple-to-find format
• Information logically arranged for simplicity of use • Indelibly printed on sturdy plastic pages
• High contrast raised black lazer printing on bright white plastic pages • Perfectly sized to fit into pocket, purse, backpack or glove compartment
• 13 index tabs, printed both sides, for quick information retrieval • Takes the term "User Friendly" to a new level
• Ideal gifts for yourself or the enthusiast in your family • True pocket size: 3 3/8” wide by 4 1/2” tall by just under ¼” thick

About Us:

Pocket Guides Publishing, Inc. is a small, specialty publisher with a unique product niche – virtually indestructible, pocket-sized guides that help you “get the job done” while you are away from home persuing a sport, hobby, or other outdoor activity. That’s all we do here because we believe that focus is essential to excellence. We also believe that there are so many more subject areas that need a Pocket Guides Publishing Pocket Guide that it will keep us busy for a very long time.

Our little group is split among three pretty incredible (at least, we think so) locations. The Redwood Empire of Northern California, that Luther Burbank and Jack London considered as fine a place as exists on this great planet, and two states (then territories) that profoundly impressed the Lewis & Clark expedition of 1804-1806 with their majesty and beauty – Montana’s “Big Sky” country and Idaho, land of Sacagawea.

All of us here at Pocket Guides Publishing share a love of the outdoors and a sense of adventure. We all also love to write, yet none of us ever expected to be publishers. Like many success stories, ours was one of those happy accidents.

Ron started writing and publishing Pocket Guides because he, like others, had a need for them. Surprisingly, nothing existed. Sure, there were pocket-sized books but they were not practical for fly fishing the Henry’s Fork, surviving the elements in rugged terrain, or administering emergency first aid. What was out there got ruined when it became wet, was more of a small book than a step-by-step “tool” and just plain lacked useful functionality for on-the-job “field” use. So, Ron, with an amazing ability to cull out the critical information and present it in a simple, easy-to-follow style, teamed up with noted field experts and began writing. He created something truly unique. Something that has a cult-like following among fellow outdoors enthusiasts – novices and experts alike. And, Ron has never stopped writing these wonderful little guides.

For the rest of us, it was just one of those “light bulb” things. When we saw it, we “got it”. We knew not only that it was something important and good, but something that would be more fun for us than our regular day jobs. So, we quit those day jobs, dived in head first and … well, we’ve never looked back either.

We hope you enjoy using our Pocket Guides
as much as we enjoy creating them for you.

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