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What are they made out of?

These Pocket Guides are specially-formulated, heat-treated, PVC plastic pages (polished, resin-coated polyvinylchloride polymer) provide:

  • Bright white printing surface - all printing is clear and precise

  • Virtual indestructibility - the pages can't rip or tear, and the corners won't bend over

  • Flexibility – pages can bend without breaking

  • Washable surface – just wipe clean after use or wash in water

  • Steel rule die cut with polished edges - the corners won't poke you while in your hand or in your pocket, as often happens with plastic printed materials

  • Will not warp, fade or deteriorate [Keep out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods – nothing can prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays from “yellowing” any kind of paper or plastic, under normal conditions it will take years of use for these Pocket Guides to "yellow" and they still remain clear and perfectly readable!]
We test the durability of our printed pages by putting them through the paces in dirty field situations then soaking them in water for a minimum of 30 days

How are they printed?

These Pocket Guides are printed by a special lazer printing technique that is almost impossible to find anywhere else, to provide:

  • Quality raised-letter UV laser printing in “pure black” with double transparent resin coating to “seal” the ink

  • The resin ink is litterally burned on to the plastic with precise lazers for lnong-lasting print

  • The ink can't run, bleed, fade, or become unreadable without some serious effort

  • Film-printed from digital manuscripts for exact placement and sizing - always easy to read every page

  • The content is written in simple terms and short, to-the-point descriptions for a quick, easy read
To date, we have found only two printers in the world who have been able to consistently meet our standards!

What keeps them together?

  • Plastic, flexible spiral coils

  • Coil binding allows the book to lay flat or open to any page and fold over so you don't have to use both hands!

  • Each book has its own unique coil color for easy referencing

How is the information organized?

  • Each Pocket Guide is contians 28 pages (two books slightly shorter)

  • Easy-to-read, simple-to-find format

  • Seperated by index tabs much like a dictionary

  • The tabs are printed both sides, for quick information retrieval no matter how you pick up the book, no matter what page you are on

  • Written by highly qualified experts

  • All Information logically arranged for simplicity of use

  • Organized for maximum comprehension with simple descriptions and illustrations for quick reference

Will they really fit in your pocket?

All Pocket Guides are created 3 and 3/8 inches wide by 4 and 1/2 inches tall, and just under 1/4 inch thick

This Is Approximately
The Actual Size Of
The Pocket Guides

Our field-use, “how to”, miniature encyclopedias of knowledge aren’t just books that tell you what to do. Pocket Guides are on-the-job, field-use “tools” that show you what to do with step-by-step illustrated instructions. They are “what you really need, when you really need it”.

These Pocket Guides are jam-packed with useful information, instructions and suggestions with no “filler material” bulking them up. Subject matter is presented in such a way that you can find the solution to your problem immediately. Material is logically organized and clearly displayed. Bold text and "bullets" are used to facilitate quick eye scanning. Each page is index-tabbed, front and back, to help you, with just one hand, go right to the information you need.

Each Pocket Guide is a stand-alone tool on a dedicated subject, packing an amazing amount of information into a compact, easy-to-carry format.

That is why we call our Pocket Guides:

“The Biggest Little Books You’ll Ever Need”

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