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Straight From Our Customers:

"We love Pocket Guides in Golden Gate National Parks Visitor Centers because they're small, practical, well-organized, well-priced and are ideal for exploring the outdoors."
Linda Chalmers, Assoc. Director Retail Sales
Golden Gate National Parks Association
"Pocket Guides are a miniature encyclopedia miracle. They're bomb-proof, water and weather proof guides that consumers love because they're like candy by the counter!"
Bruce Olson, V.P. Sales, Umpqua Feather
Merchants, Glide, Oregon
"Our sporting goods stores and fly shops just can't get enough of The Pocket Guide Series. They're always our best sellers!"
John Jones, Sales and Mktg. Manager
Inter-Sports Book & Video, Denver, Colorado
"We use Pocket Guides for our guests as corporate gifts. Even experienced outdoors enthusiasts love the balance between brevity and excellent content."
Bob Shuken, General Counsel,
Butterfields, Inc., San Francisco, California
"The Pocket Guide To Bicycle Repair is the perfect on-road & trail resource. It is concise, light, waterproof and fits in a handlebar bag or pocket."
Teri Maloughney, Director of Sales & Outreach
Adventure Cycling Association, Missoula, Montana
"Our Girl Scouts use many of the Pocket Guides Series to fulfill badge requirements. They're perfect field books and they are such a treasure for the girls to take home after camp."
Deborah Neal, Leader, Wasatch
Girl Scouts, Ogden, Utah
"Pocket Guides provide every flyfisher, novice or expert, with a wealth of information that is perfect every time!"
Eric Adams, Storefront Operations
Dan Bailey's Fly Shop, Livingston, Montana
"Pocket Guides are indestructible, very compact, have great illustrations with step-by-step instructions that are right on target every time!"
Mark Koenig, Owner,
Anglers Book Supply, Eugene, Oregon

From Customers Who Have Purchased
Pocket Guides For Personal Use:

“We love our Pocket Guide to Emergency First Aid. Pocket Guides’ compact size is just right for storage in our glove compartment for those “just in case” moments.”
Andrew Felder
Kentfield, California
“The non-fly fishing Pocket Guides you sent are equally great! Thank You. The concept is so on target, with concise nuggets of valuable information. I have shared your Pocket Guides with several others and the reception has been unanimous - they love them. We used the books to help teach the Fly Fishing Merit Badge at the National Order of the Arrow Conference. I will also use them at our Powder Horn Course for Venturing Advisors with my presentation on Fly Fishing.
Ben Jelsema
Orlando, Florida Boy Scouts of America
"I own three Pocket Guides and love them, primarily because I actually read them. They get to the point, practically and simply, and I've walked away with some great ideas. If only the manufacturer of my VCR took their approach-I might be inclined to use it! They make wonderful gifts and are now a standard on my idea list."
David Azevedo
Orinda, California
“I love Pocket Guides not only for myself, but also because they make such great gifts especially around the holidays as stocking stuffers. It's a gift that family and friends can actually use and when they are done with it they can pass it along and share it with someone else.”
Debbie Iacono
Worcester, Pennsylvania
“Your books are great! Seeing the information, the size of the book, and the texture of the pages is what sells them. The Pocket Guides speak for themselves. I showed them at an event on Sunday and at a meeting yesterday and everyone loved them! I'll show them at the Volunteer Coordinators meeting today as I think they would be a great volunteer gift. I think you have a wonderful product that helps educate and will help many of us generate funds to continue our efforts to protect open space. As a past Scout and Scout leader, I can see how valuable your books would be in scouting. Pocket Guides will be great for our volunteer tour guides on their guided trail walks. Best wishes for your wonderful products!”
Debra Clarke
Corona, California Orange County Natural History Association
"I have carried my indestructible and invaluable Pocket Guide to Outdoor Survival in my purse, on my person, backpacking, to work, to wherever … no one can be too prepared for life's situations. The step by step strategies and subjects covered from what to pack, to finding water, building a fire, what to do in the event of lightning, blizzards/avalanche, as well as how to prevent hypo and hyperthermia are life savers. These Pocket Guides are diamonds not-in-the-rough!"
Alissa Morgan Morales
Snowmass, Colorado
“I received the Pocket Guide to Outdoor Survival yesterday. Thank you SO much! I was excited to find it so small, light, and cute. All the information is very helpful, especially those “surface to air” signals. But how about if I got bitten by a snake or encounter a bear, what should I do? (Editor’s comment: Sarah also needed the Pocket Guides to Hiking & Backpacking and Emergency First Aid.)
Sarah Tan
Redwood City, California
“The Pocket Guides are great books! I would like to see all of our employees who are out driving have one in their glove compartment. Plus, what great “give-aways”. The Pocket Guides are so much nicer to give to our customers with our name on them than a cup or hat or cheap plastic water bottle! I’m impressed with this little book! What a wonderful idea – to have the most important first aid instructions right at your fingertip.”
Suzi Sharp
Dallas, Texas

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