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You're fly fishing the Yellowstone River, but nothing is biting even though others sure are bringing them in. Or maybe you're not sure what the high-level and thickening “rippled” sheets of clouds hold in store for your sailing trip up the coast. Out of nowhere, all of your fairway iron shots are slicing right at Vale do Lobo even though you are not consciously doing anything different than before. Or, worst of nightmares, you are in a car accident in the middle of nowhere, your child is unconscious and you can’t think straight even though you’ve taken Red Cross first aid courses to prepare for this. What do you do?

You need advice and help and you need it right now! Those pretty books on the coffee table aren’t going to help you now. Neither are the reference manuals in your bookcase. What can you possibly do? Don’t despair. Don’t panic. Whether you are a novice or an expert, pull your Pocket Guides Publishing Pocket Guide out of your fly fishing vest, your backpack, your golf bag or your glove compartment. Assess what is wrong. Quickly identify the solution. Then, follow simple step-by-step instructions with detailed illustrations and you’ll soon be in control of the situation.

Learn that adult grasshopper flies presented on the surface at the “edges” as if they’ve just been “blown into” the water should land a fish right now. Or that you might want to schedule that sail in the morning before the rain hits this afternoon. Focus on starting your downswing with leg movement and hip turn, keeping the left arm firm and pulled by the left shoulder. Follow the step-by-step, illustrated CPR instructions that we all know … but we all forget, especially when it is our child who is unconscious.

Our field-use, “how to”, miniature encyclopedias of knowledge aren’t just books that tell you what to do. Pocket Guides are on-the-job, field-use “tools” that show you what to do with step-by-step illustrated instructions. They are “what you really need, when you really need it”.

Pocket Guides are jam-packed with useful information, instructions and suggestions with no “filler material” bulking them up. Subject matter is presented in such a way that you can find the solution to your problem immediately. Material is logically organized and clearly displayed. Bold text and "bullets" are used to facilitate quick eye scanning. Each page is index-tabbed, front and back, to help you, with just one hand to go right to the information you need.

Each Pocket Guide is a stand-alone tool on a dedicated subject, packing an amazing amount of information into a compact, easy-to-carry format. These are the “biggest little books you’ll ever need”.

Don't be misled into thinking that these comprehensive Pocket Guides are merely for the beginner. To the contrary! Few if any of us, including the experts and pros, can keep everything we need to know in our immediate consciousness or have the calmness, under stress, to recall and use it. In this day and age, we are bombarded with information to the point of overload. The Pocket Guides not only inform in depth, but actually help us recall key personal insights and organize our thoughts.

All of this alone would make the Pocket Guides the most uniquely useful “tool” you can find anywhere. But we didn’t stop there. Measuring 3 3/8” wide by 4 1/2” tall by ¼” thick, these little books are true pocket size: perfect for pocket, purse or pack. (And, don’t forget the glove compartment.)

Pocket Guides are durably laser printed on tough, yet flexible, bright white plastic pages for easy reading and a lifetime of use … and abuse. Drop them in water? Get them muddy? Let the “900 pound gorilla” baggage handler check them in? No worry. Our Pocket Guides are fully waterproof (we test them by soaking them in water for months on end), dirt-proof, tear-proof, wind-proof, kid-proof. You name it. In fact, you can even make your own notes in grease pencil or use our handy checklists (in some books), then erase it.

And, that’s still not all. We said they are “tools” and tools they are indeed. All Pocket Guides are colorfully spiral bound so that you can lay the book flat while you are reading. Don’t you just hate it when you are tying to follow written instructions from a book which keeps closing itself? With Pocket Guides, you can easily hold the book with one hand or, better yet, just lay it down and follow along as you use both hands to repair your bike, tie a tricky fly fishing knot or perform CPR. When you open a Pocket Guide, it stays open … even if the wind is blowing. Pocket Guides take the term “user friendly” to a whole new level.

Pocket Guides Publishing Pocket Guides: Critically acclaimed, award winning, expert material, perfect for stocking stuffers and gifts. There is just nothing else like them, anywhere, at any price. Pocket Guides have been called by some the most innovative and functional activity tools … ever. Who are we to disagree? Go ahead. Reward yourself.

Now, you can take it with you.

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